A Choice of Two Healthcare Futures:
Comparing the Affordable Care Act and the Rep. Paul Ryan Plan

Broadcast live from George Washington University School of Medicine

This event took place Wednesday, June 6

Click here to view the archived recording (1-hour)

The Affordable Care Act is the signature domestic achievement of President Obama.  The plan put forward by Rep. Paul Ryan in the House of Representatives Budget has been broadly embraced by conservative lawmakers.  In their contrasting visions for Medicare and Medicaid, they represent a choice of two healthcare futures.
This event was a special livestream webinar with Dr. Cheryl Bettingole, President-Elect of the National Physicians Alliance, and Dr. Jack Lewin, former CEO of the American College of Cardiology, to learn about the policies and the politics inherent in these two competing plans for the future of the American healthcare system.

View a narrated version of NPA President-Elect Dr. Cheryl Bettigole’s power point slide presentation (16-minutes)


Sponsored by: the American Medical Student Association, Association of Clinicians for the Uninsured, the Committee of Interns and Residents, Doctors for America, the National Physicians Alliance, and SEIU Healthcare.