2012 National Conference Highlights

The NPA’s 8th Annual Conference is scheduled for
 Oct 19-20, 2013!

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On November 10-11, NPA members came together in Virginia for a phenomenal weekend of learning, networking, laughter, and strategic planning at our annual conference, “Leading the Way: the Next Chapter in America’s Health.”
The room offered an inspiring diversity of practice backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and interests, as we heard from courageous leaders in medicine, government, law, journalism, and consumer protection.
On Saturday morning, Institute of Medicine President Dr. Harvey Fineberg laid out an ambitious vision for what it will take to ensure that America truly provides the best health care in the world.  He was followed by former HCAN executive director Richard Kirsch and Cathy Hurwit, Chief of Staff to Rep. Jan Schakowsky, who provided expert perspectives on moving the reform agenda forward.
In a moving panel on State Government intrusions into the exam room, Dan Vice of the Brady Center and Virginia State House Delegate Jennifer McClellan described the importance of having informed physicians speak out against legislative initiatives that threaten clinical free speech. On Sunday morning, NPA ventured into the area of oral health for the first time, with an eminent panel on the crisis in America’s oral health, including Dr. Burton Edelstein and former HHS Secretary Dr. Louis Sullivan.

Dr. Jeff Brenner speaks at 2012 NPA National Conference

Dr. Jeff Brenner then led a riveting session about his trailblazing work to improve care coordination and access in Camden, New Jersey, and Dr. Len Nichols gave an inspiring keynote address about stakeholder engagement and the future of health system change.
In a panel moderated by Dr. John Santa, the director of Consumer Reports Health Rating Center, Drs. Neel Shah and Vineet Arora shared exciting new programs to help physicians understand the cost of the care they are providing.  And Dr. Gurkirpal Singh told the story of his personal effort to access company data behind the Vioxx scandal.
Drs. Steve SmithChris Cassel, and Amanda Kost elaborated on the role NPA played in conceiving and piloting the project that launched the celebrated Choosing Wisely® campaign, which champions the importance of Good Stewardship in future cost control.  They described how this campaign has grown into a powerful movement in organized medicine.
The conference also included a nationally webcast grand rounds event: Selling Drugs: Pharma’s Evolving Strategies, moderated by Shannon Brownlee and featuring Dr. Michael OldaniJeff Chester, and Wells Wilkinson. This (yes, alarming) panel will soon be available for viewing on the NPA website, with free CME. (By free we mean both no-cost-to-you and free of industry funding.) Webcasts from our Partnership to Advance Conflict-free Medical Education are available at www.unbrandeddoctor.org.
Additional skill-building panels on blogging and lobbying rounded the program, along with open-space roundtable discussions and action planning.

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