In November 2017, the National Physicians Alliance will select new leaders for the board of directors. All interested members of the NPA are encouraged to apply. Three-year positions for physician leaders on the board of directors are up for election this year. Applicants must be contributing members of the NPA (physicians who have donated at least $100 in the past year). Click here to contribute.


Instructions for Applying for Board Positions
Election/Appointment Timeline
Overview of NPA Leadership Structure
Board of Directors
Elected Board Positions
Election Code of Conduct


Applicants must submit as PDFs:

  1. The disclosure form
  2. A current Curriculum Vitae (4 pages or less) including email and phone number
  3. A 500 word (or less) letter of interest: biography, reason for application, relevant skills / experience

Documents should be submitted to with files titled LastName-FirstName-Document.

NOTE: The letter of interest ONLY will be posted on the NPA website. Please do not include sensitive personal information. The other 2 documents are confidential.

Applications must be received by October 5, 2017, 8pm EST.


October 5, 2017, 8pm EST: application deadline
November 2, 2017, 8pm EST: voting deadline
November 7, 2017: applicants notified of results
November 11-12, 2017: Board Meeting (Philadelphia, PA)


The NPA leadership is composed of a 25-member board of directors. Members of the board serve staggered three-year terms.


The board of directors is the policy-making body for the association, oversees the work of the president of the association, fundraises, and exercises general supervision over the affairs of the association. The board of directors shall have authority to take such actions as are necessary for the conduct of the association’s affairs in accordance with the bylaws. Each board member is assigned to serve on one committee as determined by the organization’s needs and the interests of the board member. The board has fiduciary responsibility for the organization.


The National Physicians Alliance will elect by an advisory vote at-large physician members to serve on the board of directors for a three-year term. The NPA welcomes applications from dedicated, passionate physicians from the membership who are ready and willing to serve the organization at the leadership level. Applicants must be contributing members of the NPA (physicians who have donated at least $100 in the past year). Click here to contribute.

Description of at-large elected board positions: Elected by an advisory vote by the membership, there are twelve at-large members of the board of directors. Each at-large director serves a three-year term. Directors are expected to serve on one committee, attend two in-person board meetings per year, and participate in 1-2 additional board meetings by conference call per year. Directors have fiduciary responsibility for the organization, which includes fundraising. The expected minimum “give/get” contribution is $2,500 per year. Directors are responsible for their travel costs to meetings. The NPA will attempt to reimburse travel as it is financially able.

If you have questions about these positions, please contact Bill Jordan at


It is our goal to conduct elections which are fair, honorable, and professional. We feel that campaigning for or against a candidate is outside of the bounds of such an election. This code of conduct shall apply to all candidates for elected positions within the National Physicians Alliance, as well as all members. In the case that this code fails to specify what is or is not permissible, it is expected that all those involved in elections will behave in a manner consistent with the previously stated goal of fair, honorable, and professional elections.

1. There shall be no distribution of written or electronic campaign materials outside of officially sanctioned NPA election website, forums or blogs.

2. No form of print, electronic, or other mass communication (NPA or other) will be utilized by any candidate or his/her representative in efforts to “campaign” for or against a candidate with the general membership beyond those areas designated by the NPA.

3. Receptions and/or hospitality should not be used for promotion of a candidate.

4. If offering opinions about candidates for office, members of the NPA national leadership shall offer only personal opinions and indicate that they do not speak on behalf of the National Physicians Alliance.

Any member who has grave ethical, professional, or other concerns about a candidate should contact the elections committee.

Any allegation of misconduct regarding a candidate or member shall be submitted to the Executive Committee (with recusals as needed), who will then determine the appropriate course of action.