The massacre in Charleston ripped the bandage off a deep wound of racism in our society. It unmasked a willful blindness about structural white privilege. Too many people carrying guns “for protection” have made themselves judge, jury, and executioner for their neighbors. We’ve been here too many times before, and we know what needs to be done. Sadly, our lawmakers hear mostly from lobbyists out to increase profits for gun-makers. In a democracy, repair demands participation. As the common-sense majority, we must continue to speak up. Today, please pick up the phone. Call your elected official and tell them this:

“Hello. My name is ___. I live/work in _____’s district. We need serious action to reduce gun deaths. I’m asking for courage and common sense from my elected officials. It is a disgrace that the US stands by while bloodbaths continue and 30,000 Americans are killed by gun shot each year. I’m asking for leadership.”

You can find the phone number of your elected officials here.  The person who answers the phone will likely respond, “I’ll pass your message along.”  This is the goal.  If you’d like to provide evidence-based policy suggestions, refer the person to the National Physicians Alliance Gun Safety and Public Health Policy Recommendations for a More Secure America, available on our website.
Additional information on this tragedy and how else you might help: