The Yale Global Health Justice Partnership (GHJP), in collaboration with the National Physicians Alliance and the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, has released a policy paper entitled, “Curbing Unfair Drug Prices: A Primer for States.” This paper is intended to catalyze and further state-level initiatives to rein in prescription drug prices.
The high cost of prescription drugs in the United States is unsustainable. Spending on prescription drugs is increasing at a faster rate than any other component of health care spending, and a growing number of Americans report difficulty affording their medications. High drug prices are forcing some patients to skip doses of critical medicines, and others to choose between their health and necessities like food and rent. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry continues to launch new drugs at exorbitant prices, gratuitously increase prices of many old drugs without justification, and reap soaring profits.
This policy paper is the culmination of collaborative efforts over the past six months to rein in prescription drug prices through state-level initiatives. The paper analyzes promising approaches to lowering costs, identifies strategic considerations, and provides recommendations for legislators, advocates, and constituents based on our advocacy experience, including the successful initiative to pass a groundbreaking fair pricing law in Maryland. It is our hope that this document will pave the way for states to enact legislation protecting patients from harmful pricing practices by pharmaceutical companies.
In particular, we believe that:
●       States should target excessive pricing for both generic and brand-name drugs, both by prohibiting unfair launch prices and by capping annual price increases.
●       States should mandate the public release of as much information as possible about pricing, as well as development, manufacturing, and marketing costs on a drug-by-drug basis.
We expect that each state legislature will tailor these recommendations to the specific political and economic landscape in their state. This is a policy area that is currently primed for another wave of legislative activity, and states will lead the charge.
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Jill Zorn, Senior Policy Officer, Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut,, (203) 639-0550 ext. 302