The mission and principles of the NPA have struck a chord with the public.  Generous support from individuals like you continues to make a tremendous difference in our work.  We deeply appreciate your contributions.  If you are interested making a personal donation to the NPA, it is easy to donate securely on line or simply print and return this form with check or credit card information.   Make someone’s day by donating in his or her honor!  (Please note that contributions to the NPA are now fully  tax-deductible.  To make a tax deductible donation to NPA please click on the DONATE button at the top of the page. )

The National Physicians Alliance is grateful to the following supporters:

Christine Adams

Jane Adriance

Sally Allen


Anonymous in honor of Rozalina Grubina and Christopher McCoy

Peter Baldwin

Aaron Barnes

Marcia Bettigole

Trey Billings III

Rebecca Bishop

Diana Bittel

Debra Blivess in honor of Ann Schockett

Steven Blivess in honor of Erica Schockett

Michael Bloss

Lynne Blum

Pamela Booth

Margaret Bowen

Norbert Brada

Amy Branch

Melissa Buckingham

Tony and Meleah Butruille

John and Casey Caine

Chris Caldwell

Suzanne Caruso

Gerald Cavanaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Cha

Stephanie Chafee

Robert Chambers in honor of Joleen Chambers

Saima Chaudhry

Regina Clemens

Jack and Ann Cole

Angelo Gene Copello

Ann Corwin

Nilsa Cruz

John Cudahy

Timothy Cynova

Timothy Daloisio

Peter K. Daniells

Helen Davies

Rachel DeGolia

Robert Desiderio

Sahaja Douglass

Alicia Dwyer

Steve Early

David Edmondson

Vivian Edmondson

Ellen S. Ehrenkranz

Timothy Essam

Michael Finney

Judy Fiskin

Margaret Folz

Harley Frankel

Dwora Fried-Dreilinger

Tim Fuller

Ravikumar S. Ganjam and Vani Ravikumar

Joshua Gardner

Shadia Garrison

Leonard F. and Judith Gertler

Patricia Giggans and Ellen Ledley

Carolyn Glastris

Daniel Gordon

John Grande

Mary Jane Grande

Misty Gremaud in honor of Judy Zerzan

Herb Hamsher

Frances Hanckel

Terri Hardin

Marcy and Herb Hardt

Mary Jo Harper

Melanie Havelin in honor of Lydia Vaias

Beth and Jonathan Hayes

Joan Hedgecock

Murray and Pauline Hendel

Robert Hendel

Seymour Hendel

Stephen Hendel

Jay Henry

Ana Hilde

Donna Hill in honor of Erica Schockett

Paul Hokemeyer

Joan Hotchkis

Cassandra Howe

Geri Howe

Bruce Iacobucci in honor of Andrew Pierwola

Edith Isenstadt

Richard Jacobs

Erika Jacobs

Jim Johnson and Paul Hokemeyer

Priscilla Jordan

Dagny Kimberly

Kesa Kivel

Josephine Kogan

Sanford Kogan

Bernard Koteen (Koteen Foundation)

Richard Kramer

Sampath and Saroja Kumar


Alicia Lara

Janet Lent

Brian Levy

Paula and Barry Litt via the Joseph and Jacqueline Kirshbaum Memorial Fund

Alison Lobron

William Londoff in honor of Erica Schockett

Kyle Loring

Martha Klein Lottman in honor of  Sam Schneider

Ian and Melissa MacMillan

Marilyn Mann

Suzanne Marks

Walter N. Marks, Jr.

Heidi and Ryan Marlin

Marcella Martelle

Becky Martin in honor of Olive Arkoosh

Adel Martinez

Stacy Matuza in honor of Erica Schockett

Joseph A. McCormack via the John Lee Fund of the Tides Foundation

William Melamed, Jr.

Catherine Merritt

Fred and Lee Miller

Nancy Milliken

Weston Milliken

Brock Monger

Nancy Mutner


Ananth P. Nabha

Peter Nardi

Smita Narula

Jennifer Ng’andu

Marc and Cecile Noel*

Daniel Oates

John O’Brien

Kathleen O’Connor

Terri O’Donnell

Michelle and O’Neill Osborn

Mr. and Mrs. William Park in honor of Mary Carol Jennings

Sue Parry

S. Patel

John Perkins

Renee Perin

Sharon Phillips

John Picker in honor of Bethany Picker

Anne Pigue

Magdalena Plonska

Robert Posilkin

Peter Prew

Robert and Judith Rabinowitz

B.R. and Shamala Ramaprasad

Oumar Ramhit

Margarita Ramirez

Paul Randall

C.B.R. and Lalitha Rao

Wendy Ray

Randolph Riddle

Ron and Sharon Rising in honor of Josh Rising

Jon and Marie Rising

Jamie Rosenthal Wolf

Richard Ruben

Sara Russell Rodriguez in honor of Rupin Thakkar

Lucy Salpeter in honor of Erica R. Schockett

Steven Salpeter

Cathy Salser

Joan Salwen

Katy Sawyer

Soni Sayana

Preeti Sayana

Marla Schuch in honor of TJ Schuch

Kathryn Seitz

Daniel Seltz

Shirley Shamel

James Shearer

Elia Shehady

Rosalie Sheppard

Ron Sibley

Sandra Sifferlen

Ted Silver

Shera Silver

John Sinclair

Craig and Erika Singer

Annemarie Slaughter

Greg Smiley

Harlan Smith

Thomas Smith

Shana Spitzman

Betzi Stein

Amanda Stram

Frances Swerdel

Catherine Talbot

Carole and William Telfair

Judith and Arthur Tepfer in honor of Rupin Thakkar

Joshua Tepfer

Judith Thompson

Jill Tinmouth

Tinou Tran

Philip Turner

Thomas Vaias

Emily Vaias

Emily Von Kohorn

Jeff and Elizabeth Von Kohorn

Henry and Meredith Von Kohorn

Bob and Dana Von Kohorn

Aileen Watchko in honor of Lydia Vaias, Jean Silver-Isenstadt, and Erica Schockett

Kafi Watlington-MacLeod


Beverly J. Webster

Layla Welborn

Andrew White

Jane Williams

Leigh Wintz

June Wise in memory of Harold Wise

Frederick Wright

Judith Wright

Tina Wu

Carolyn and Andy Yost

* These Founding Members are part of the NPA’s Keystone Club – a small group of people who were vital to the existence of the NPA, having given when the organization was still just an idea.