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Are you ready for Election Day? Show us!

Posted by Drew Hudson November 1, 2012 at 9:52 AM

Election Day is less than a week away! Hopefully you’re prepared to vote, but how about your patients? Have you put up an RxDemocracy poster in your office to remind them of the election and the importance of voting?

If not, get it up… and then enter our RxDemocracy Photo Contest! Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit to download your favorite professionally designed poster.
  2. Upload a photo of you & the poster in a hospital or clinic before 9pm EDT on Nov 5, 2012.
  3. Ask friends to Like your photo on Facebook.(Not a clinician? Enter with a photo that includes the poster, you, and a clinician you like)

Thank you for helping improve our nation’s public health by promoting good civic health.

One Response to “Are you ready for Election Day? Show us!”

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