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NPA Immediate Past President on MSNBC Nov 14

Posted by Jean Silver-Isenstadt, MD, PhD, NPA Executive Director November 13, 2012 at 4:40 PM

Watch NPA’s Immediate Past President Dr. Valerie Arkoosh on MSNBC’s show, The Cycle, where she discusses the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and how it will tangibly improve care for patients.  Click here to watch the segment.

More information about the show is available here.

2 Responses to “NPA Immediate Past President on MSNBC Nov 14”

  1. steven lewis says:

    In watching you comment and your reasons for optimism for the ACA I could not disagree more for the following reasons:
    1. The price for coverage within the exchanges for a family of four in the state of Colorado alone is over $1,500/month and benefits within the exchanges can be added to or taken away. Too much risk that I would take as a father.
    2. Increasing premiums on existing policies are up over 22% since the ACA was signed and placed into law. Pre-existing conditions are an incredible burden for insurers who have to take on the additional risk and their bond portfolios [about .70 cents per dollar] cannot sustain the unlimited paying of benefits. There is a great concern that some insurers may go into receivership at the State level or dissolve altogether as the current rating agencies [AmBest, S&P, Moody’s] continue to measure their solvency.

    The concern on the topic of ‘Healthcare Reform’ seemed to only be settling the argument…Who Should Pay? Well, the above two points sure is not making anything affordable for middle class Americans. Secondly, two areas of this odious Healthcare Reform NEVER addressed the profits of the service providers, specifically hospitals. I feel their profit should be disclosed since they get to benefit from the NOW seemingly unlimited source of revenue flowing into their institutions. Thirdly, it will be shown that the pharmaceutical companies will profit in a big big way as they profit from a form of allopathic solutions instead of homeopathic. Lastly, the FDA [Food & Drug Administration], AMA [American Medical Association], and the AHA [American Heart Association] need to be held accountable as they determine the GUIDELINES and DEFINE what health is. I have two clients who serve on the FDA Board and they both tell me that EVERYTHING is based and determined on a CONSENSUS with very little factual data to support the decision(s) which ultimately become FACT.

    In closing, it seems that the ACA ignored many many aspects to what should be defined exhaustively as “Healthcare Reform” and only limited it to the insurance industry and the taxpayer while ignoring [intentionally or not] the other MAJOR PLAYERS in the areas of what truly is Healthcare.

  2. Jonas Green says:

    Mr. Lewis,

    I share your skepticism regarding the profits of insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and the AMA. The FDA and AHA are more of a mixed bag.

    Right now in Colorado as elsewhere in the country there are many uninsured individuals and families for whom a single health event could easily exceed $1500. Research has shown that many people are in debt for exactly that reason. The $1500/month cost you mention is troubling, but costs will actually be lower in Colorado under the ACA than they are now. The fear of losing benefits is actually reduced under the ACA, as the law makes it more difficult for insurance companies to drop benefits.

    I have very little sympathy for the bond portfolio of insurance companies whose profits have for many years been large and troubling.

    The ACA is by no means perfect and there is much work yet to be done (including costs of care as you allude to), but by opening the door to access for many and by protecting children, women, young adults and anyone who gets sick from various health system afflictions that existed before ACA, this law is a step in the right direction. We must build on it and move forward.

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