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What I Want For National Doctors’ Day: Lower Drug Prices For Patients

Posted by Becky Martin, NPA Advocacy Director March 30, 2017 at 6:46 PM

Written by Sanjeev K. Sriram, MD, MPH, Huffington Post Contributor, former NPA Communications Director; Cross-posted from the Huffington Post

I am not a fan of National Doctors’ Day. I’ve been a primary care pediatrician for almost 10 years, working exclusively in communities like southeast Washington, DC where families struggle just to get by. My work is challenging yet fulfilling. I do not expect gratitude or recognition for simply doing my job. After all, that’s what the paycheck and job security are for. Nonetheless, March 30 is National Doctors’ Day, a time to tell doctors how much they are appreciated. This year, I urge my colleagues to skip the fancy lunches, dinners, and trinkets from the pharmaceutical reps. Instead, let’s tell Big Pharma we are demanding better prices on prescription drugs for our patients.

Because of the high cost of medications, over 1 in 5 American patients have not filled a prescription from their doctor.  READ MORE…

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