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Category: Discussion

When Birth Control Isn't

This piece was written by Erin Wyner, MD, a family physician and a NPA-California member.  It was originally posted on the Mom’s Rising Blog, 2/27/2012. As a physician, I am deeply concerned about the extreme opposition from the U.S. Conference of Cath…

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State of Emergency

This article was written by NPA President-Elect Dr. Cheryl Bettigole and is cross-posted from “The Medical Professionalism Blog” published by the ABIM  Foundation where it was originally posted February 14, 2012. During a recent talk at the Families US…

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NPA Petition to Defend Women’s Access to Care

The National Physicians Alliance is committed to eliminating health disparities and to broadening—not narrowing—access to the full range of essential health care services. This week, two powerful groups have acted to narrow women’s access to care: 1) …

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