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Category: Discussion

Clinic Notes on the ACA

Clinic Notes on the ACA In this season of college graduations, it has been gratifying to watch the first cohort of young adults graduate without having to worry about how to keep their health insurance. For many this means the chance to look for a drea…

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Prescribing Responsibly Requires Vigilance

This post, “The Business of ADHD,” by Winston Chung, MD was originally posted at SFGate City Brights blog. It discusses the need for physicians to be cognizant for their reasons to choose a particular mediation for treatment. The business of ADHD by Wi…

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The Top 5: Better Care for Less Health Care $

This article is cross-posted from San Francisco Chronicle Blog, originally published May 23, 2011. Ok, I confess. I have contributed to the $2.3 trillion that our country spends on health care every year. As a patient I want the best possible care for…

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School, Jobs, and Health

I work as a family doctor at a community health center in the Bronx.  I’m always wondering, what can I do during a 15-minute visit to have the most impact on my patient’s health?  The answer is often that smoking cessation counseling, or screening for…

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Integrity and Ethics in Medicine

This post by Winston Chung, a child psychiatrist, appeared originally in SFGate .  It raises the question of considering the integrity of doctors who deny care in order to make a profit for an insurance company.  To hear testimony by Linda Peeno, M.D….

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Industrial Agriculture and Human Health

The Pew Charitable Trusts recently announced a new campaign on industrial agriculture and human health.  Industrial meat production poses many risks to human health.  One risk is antibiotic use.  Because most animals are raised in crowded, unsanitary c…

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