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Category: News

Shining a Needed Light on PhRMA/Physician Interactions

Recently, National Public Radio’s program “On the Media” discussed the Physician Payment Sunshine Act.  This legislation (PDF; a useful overview is available here–also a PDF) was part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care at and requires that…

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NPA Webinar: New ACO Final Rule (view & share)

Please click below to view a recording of the NPA 1-hour webianr on the newly released final rule for Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) with Kavita Patel, MD, MSHS, Managing Director for Clinical Transformation and Delivery, Engelberg Center for Hea…

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"Top 5" Tops $5 Billion

Adoption of the Top 5 Lists in Primary Care generated by the National Physicians Alliance Good Stewardship Project would generate an annual savings of $6.76 billion according to an article published online in the Archives of Internal Medicine by Drs. S…

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