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National Physicians Alliance FDA Task Force

To educate and empower a multispecialty group of NPA members, free of conflict-of-interest, to provide unbiased expertise in evaluating and responding to the FDA regulatory process in a way that maximizes meaningful clinical outcomes for our patients.

NPA FDA Task Force Members List

Task Force Activities:
Review of FDA-related issues affecting patient health; development of NPA’s policy recommendations and public comments in these areas; development of educational resources; and advocacy in support of patient-centered regulatory reform, including public testimony, op-eds, etc.

NPA FDA Task Force Lecture Series Archive

Guiding Principles:

  • We believe the nation’s food supply should be kept safe for immediate consumption and should also cause no harm to our population over time.
  • We believe that drug, biologic and medical device regulation should be based in transparency, integrity and accountability, firmly grounded in scientific evidence and driven by public health interests.
  • We strongly support the development of meaningful new treatment options and recognize the need to improve the efficiency of clinical trials to expedite obtaining clinically relevant information.
  • We believe that the process used to approve these options should be based on substantial evidence from adequate and well-controlled clinical trials regarding both safety and efficacy of products and procedures.
  • Finally, as providers, we believe that the FDA regulatory process, including policies on dissemination of information by the FDA, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers and researchers, should allow us to make informed clinical decisions in a way that optimizes patient health and safety.

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