Q: What is an NPA house party?
A: A house party is a group of people (primarily physicians, but not limited to docs) getting together to talk about the work and vision of the NPA.  These do not have to be elaborate or formal events.  They also don’t have to happen in someone’s house!  Getting a group together in a side room at a casual restaurant can be fun too, if the space is quiet enough for people to hear each other.  The goal of these gatherings is to introduce the NPA to those who might like to join the organization; it gives like-minded folks a great opportunity to get together and get inspired.  Hosting an NPA event doesn’t require a lot of planning, money, or time.  It’s just a fun, rewarding way to get involved in building our shared professional home.

Q: I don’t really know that much about the NPA ….  Am I the right person to host a house party?
A: You’re exactly the type of person who should host a house party.  The NPA is made up of people who feel passionately about issues, and as a new and growing organization you can play a large role in helping shape the organization.

Q: How much time does it take?
A: House parties can be small and simple affairs—just inviting a few colleagues over for an hour is a great accomplishment in building your local NPA community and bringing like-minded physicians together.  House parties don’t take too much time and are designed to appeal to those who haven’t yet been very involved with the NPA, or may just be hearing about us for the first time.

Q: How much do I need to spend on this?
A: Hosting a house party doesn’t need to cost you anything, but you might consider having some refreshments.  One idea is to ask friends who are attending to bring a dish or snacks to share with guests.

Q: Do I have to ask my guests for money?
A: It is not necessary, but we strongly encourage you to recruit new members and to explain to folks why the NPA is worth investing in, even at a modest level.  Soliciting support may seem uncomfortable at first but most people attending a house party expect to make a contribution.  Every dollar helps and people can contribute whatever is within their means.  That being said, the primary goals are to introduce physicians to the NPA, recruit new members, and begin organizing in your community.

Q: How do I find people to invite?
A: Think of everyone you currently work with.  Ask your physician friends for names of people they think would be interested.  Send an e-mail to the entire hospital staff.  Hang flyers in your department or in the stairwell.  Co-host the party with physicians who are part of different specialties, hospital affiliations, etc. so you can reach a wider network.

Q: If I can only get six people to my house, is it even worth holding a party?
A: Absolutely.  We don’t have attendance requirements for house parties and welcome events of all sizes.  Even inviting a handful of people who haven’t previously heard about the NPA helps grow this organization.  If you want to hold an event for 200 colleagues, we’ll definitely support that too!

Q: What if someone from the press learns of the party and wants to attend?
A: Great!  Let us know, and we will work to provide you with a press kit.

Q: Are there any materials I can distribute at the party?
A: Most of the materials you will need to distribute at the party are available to print out from the website: sign-up sheets, copies of the NPA’s mission statement and guiding principles, issue briefs, etc.  After you register your party we’ll contact you to make sure you have everything that you need.  If you have any questions or further needs, please email us at npa@npalliance.org.

Q: I still have more questions.  Who can I talk to?
A: If you have questions we haven’t covered, we have plenty of ways for you to get more information.  You can talk to your designated NPA contact (after you register), email us, or call 202-420-7896.