November 30, 2016

Statement attributable to:
Manan Trivedi, MD, MPP
President, National Physicians Alliance

Becky Martin, Interim Operations Director
National Physicians Alliance
Cell: 941/518-7051


“The National Physicians Alliance opposes the nomination of Dr. Tom Price to become the next Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).  Dr. Price’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a much less comprehensive plan would significantly jeopardize coverage for millions of our patients (20 million Americans in Exchanges) and greatly weaken current protections that prohibit insurers from denying coverage or charging exorbitant rates because of pre-existing conditions (estimated 129 million Americans with pre-existing conditions). Moreover, his support to privatize Medicare would end the healthcare guarantee for our nation’s 57 million seniors and drastically hurt our most elderly and vulnerable patients. His past policy proposals would also dismantle our health insurance safety net (Medicaid) for over 80 million low-income Americans, including children (State Children’s Health Insurance Program). Lastly, his staunch opposition to reproductive health rights makes it clear he does not trust women to make their own decisions about their health. We believe our next HHS Secretary should support the continued expansion of coverage, fight to improve, not dismantle, our current Medicare program and pursue efforts to achieve a more equitable, affordable and high quality health care system for all.

We are dismayed that other large physician organizations have endorsed Dr. Price without consideration of the harm his policies would inflict on our collective patients. We call on other physician organizations to put our patients’ interests first and foremost, and encourage everyone to join the National Physicians Alliance, the only physicians’ organization committed to advancing the core values of the medical profession: service, integrity and advocacy.”


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