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NPA calls on all stakeholders to help control rising health care costs

Doctors: Insurance Companies are Not Excused from Cost-Control Responsibility

National Physicians Alliance Responds to Wellpoint’s Misleading Claims

Washington, DC—3/2/2010

Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, President-elect of the National Physicians Alliance, issued the following statement today in response to the health insurance industry’s claim that doctors and hospitals are to blame for massive premium hikes:

“The insurance industry’s self-serving diagnosis that only doctors and hospitals are to blame for astronomical growth in premiums reminds us why we don’t want insurance bureaucrats making diagnoses or managing patient care.  The truth is that all stakeholders in the health care system need to take a hard look in the mirror.”

“Insurers raked in record profits last year as thousands of people suffered avoidable pain, lost their homes, lost their family members—lost their lives.  Insurance companies, like doctors and hospitals, must step up to become more responsible stewards of finite resources.  The human stakes are too high for childlike finger pointing.  It is sobering to consider the enormous amount of patient care that could have been provided by the money spent on misleading advertising and lobbying to kill meaningful health reform.  The National Physicians Alliance calls on Congress to stay focused on patients and to see this life-saving legislation through with confidence and pride.”

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