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Statement on House vote and addition of essential health benefits exclusion amendment to the AHCA



Statement on House vote and addition of essential health benefits exclusion amendment to the AHCA by Dr. Manan Trivedi, President, National Physicians Alliance


“The National Physicians Alliance remains adamantly opposed to this legislation. The late night changes to the bill have only made it worse. Not requiring insurance companies to provide essential health benefits like maternity care, emergency services and prescription drugs is beyond the pale and will hurt patients and ultimately raise health care costs for all Americans. Moreover, removal of the essential health benefits clause allows insurance companies to discriminate against patients with pre-existing conditions, obliterates out-of-pocket caps, and reinstates annual and lifetime limits that were outlawed by the Affordable Care Act. We continue to urge Congress to vote NO on this bill and focus on real, bipartisan solutions that will make healthcare in America more just, affordable and universal for all.”


Becky Martin
Director of Advocacy
National Physicians Alliance
c: 941/518-7051


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