Welcome to PRO, an initiative to promote high-value care and create a culture that minimizes unnecessary or potentially harmful diagnostic tests and interventions.

If you want to see good stewardship values put into action among supportive colleagues, you are in the right place. 

PRO began as a grassroots organizing effort by internal medicine residents who established a simple pledge:

I pledge to provide my patients with all of the care that they need and none that they do not, thereby protecting them from unnecessary diagnostic tests and treatments.

I pledge to abide by the following principles:

  • Diagnostic tests should only be ordered after consideration of how they will change management or prognosis.
  • For all interventions and treatment choices, consideration should be given to the possibility of additional suffering and the potential for medical and financial harm, along with any expected benefits.
  • Patients’ goals and values should be incorporated into ordering decisions, through a process of shared decision-making.

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PRO has quickly grown to offer road-tested, turn-key projects and resources for residents interested in similar culture change at their home institutions.  We’re building community around new norms.

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