Industrial Agriculture and Human Health

The Pew Charitable Trusts recently announced a new campaign on industrial agriculture and human health.  Industrial meat production poses many risks to human health.  One risk is antibiotic use.  Because most animals are raised in crowded, unsanitary conditions, antibiotics are used to prevent infection and promote growth.
Most physicians know the current problem with antibiotic resistance: many of the antibiotics we are using are becoming ineffective.  While most of this problem was thought to be due to overprescribing of antibiotics for colds and other inappropriate conditions, we now think that most antibiotic resistance is due to the use of antibiotics in agriculture.
This is one of many links between animal agriculture and human health.  For more on these issues, become involved in NPA’s effort with Food Day.  You can also celebrate Mother’s Day by joining Mom’s For Antibiotic Awareness.  Celebrate Mom by making sure that antibiotics will work if she needs them.