Physicians for free speech

We’re building a public education campaign using the stories of real physicians like you. We need you to create a very short video (30-60 seconds) explaining why you oppose laws like Florida’s that censor physician communication with patients.
Help educate the public and lawmakers about the critical need for free speech in medical practice.  Here’s all it takes:

  1. Record a short video on your cell phone, video camera, or home computer.
  2. Upload the video to YouTube:
    Need help with that? click here.
    Don’t have a YouTube or Gmail account? You can get help signing up for one here.
  3. Make sure the privacy settings on your video are set to public. Click here if you have questions.
  4. Copy the share link for your video, (check out this screenshot if you need help) and email it to us at npa {at}

That’s it! We’ll review your video and add it to the playlist online.  Please encourage your colleagues to take part as well.  Free speech is fundamental to effective doctoring and that freedom is now under direct threat.