#MDChat: The 2nd Anniversary of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

This week is the second anniversary of the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).  Next week the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments about the PPACA’s constitutionality.  At 9 pm Eastern March 20, National Physicians Alliance will be helping moderate a session of the weekly #MDChat TweetChat discussing the status of the PPACA.  For those not familiar with TweetChats, this link might be helpful in clarifying the process–just remember to use the #MDChat tag.
The planned topics for the chat:

  1. The PPACA has already enacted a number of reforms that are popular on both sides of the political spectrum (PDF link). Given that the individual reforms are popular, why has public approval of the PPACA itself lagged?
  2. The individual mandate to purchase health insurance is consistently unpopular on all surveys, but is often considered necessary to expand necessary insurance coverage to all.  If the mandate to purchase insurance is removed from the PPACA, is there a way to ensure coverage or access to care?  Would any of the proposals discussed here be equally effective?
  3. If the PPACA as a whole is repealed, or the Supreme Court finds the entire law unconstitutional, then the nation will face the same lack of accessible and affordable care that gave rise to the law’s reforms.  Given that the PPACA’s opponents have not proposed a plan to replace the ACA–if the PPACA is repealed, how should we address these issues of access and affordability?  Are there other plans that would lead to the same level of insurance coverage and/or access that the PPACA is attempting to reach?

Please join us and be part of this important conversation.