Health Reform Year Two: Tens of Millions Served

As we mark the second anniversary of the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) now is a good time to have what in medical parlance is called a “time out” and reflect on how far we have come and where we need to go.
Some states are challenging the legality of vital provisions such as Medicaid expansion and the mandate for all Americans to carry health insurance.  Candidates vying for President Obama’s job vow a complete repeal of the ACA.  Not surprisingly, polls show a confused public wondering what the health law means for them and the health plan they have now.  Despite this, the obfuscations cannot hide the reality that tens of millions of people have already been served by the initial phases of ACA.
* 54 million people with private health plans had at least one new free preventive service in 2011.
* 32.5 million Medicare seniors received at least one free preventive benefit in 2011.
* 2.5 million young adults under 26 years of age now have health insurance through their parents.
* As of this year, health insurance companies must spend 80-85% of your health insurance premiums toward health care rather than administrative costs.  It is estimated that 9 million people will even get a rebate check.
Here is a report on the impact on Californians specifically.
Lets not stop there. Here is get a glimpse of where this train is headed -because the really good stuff is just around the corner…
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This excerpt is from an article originally published in San Francisco Chronicle Blog, 3/23/2012.  It was  written by Ricky Choi, MD, San Francisco area pediatrician and NPA Board Member.