Block Grants for Medicaid: The Pink Slime of Health Policies

NPA member Dr. Sanjeev Sriram wrote this blog post, originally posted on his “DR. in D.C.” blog.
“When the meatpacking industry sells us pink slime, what really angers American consumers is the feeling of being cheated:  that the corporations’ profit is more important than the quality of their product.  We are left with a feeling of being deemed unworthy of better treatment or more dignified consideration.  We should be similarly outraged when our members of Congress try to cut corners in policymaking, especially when it comes to the health care of our fellow Americans struggling in (or near) poverty.  Turning Medicaid into a block grant system is an inadequate policy product for addressing our country’s federal deficit, and would be disastrous for the health care of millions of children, seniors, and the disabled.  Pink slime is intolerable, whether it is in our children’s school cafeterias, our grocery stores, or in the halls of Congress.”