Dear Ms. Patient, Great Things are Happening

This excerpt is from an article written by Ricky Choi, MD, San Francisco area pediatrician and NPA Board Member.  It was originally published in the San Francisco Chronicle blog , on June 29, 2012.

Dear Ms. Patient,
I hope this letter finds you well.
Let me begin by saying that it is such a privilege to care for your family.  It has been a joy to watch your children grow and your family thrive.  I’m sure you will agree that we have been through a lot together.
As you know, I am devoted to help in keeping your family healthy, despite the many obstacles that have arisen.  Remember the time when your husband lost his job?  You not only lost your family’s main source of income, but everyone lost their health insurance.  It was a dark time.  We were both surprised to learn that insurance premiums were so expensive.  We thought that those prices were crazy until we factored in your diabetes (a preexisting condition) and then realized it was worse than we thought . So you and your husband made the hard decision to go without insurance for a while. Even without insurance premiums, you ended up paying so much for your health care during that time. Minor aches and pains were ignored.  I recall that your daughter had a difficult winter with asthma attacks, where you reluctantly agreed to expensive trips to the emergency room.
Having worked your entire life, you never imagined that you could be in this situation….

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