“Take the Money for Medicaid” op-ed in Philadelphia Inquirer

Below is a excerpt from an op-ed, “Take the Money for Medicaid,” by Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, NPA Immediate Past- President and Marc Stier, former state director of Health Care For America Now-PA, published today in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/11/2013.

Imagine a new federal program guaranteed to provide Pennsylvania with $43.3 billion between 2013 and 2022 for repairs to roads and bridges. Imagine that the program is paid for entirely by the federal government for the first three years. After that, Pennsylvania will have to put in $4 billion. Imagine that despite the expenditure, Pennsylvania saves a greater amount because the new federal funding would replace almost $4 billion in state funding. And imagine that the new funding would create tens of thousands of jobs in the state and generate millions of dollars in state and local tax revenue.
Can anyone imagine Gov. Corbett turning down this deal? Of course not.
Yet in his budget address Tuesday, Corbett did just that, failing to embrace $43.3 billion from the federal government over 10 years to expand Medicaid, the health insurance program that covers seniors in nursing homes, pregnant women, children, and the disabled.
What is the stumbling block? The only difference between the imaginary deal and the actual deal to expand Medicaid is that the latter will provide 719,000 Pennsylvanians with a comprehensive health-insurance package….

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