Are you an unbranded, unbiased doc? Interested in FDA drug and medical device safety?

From a patient safety and health perspective, it is important that unbiased physicians participate in the process of new drug and device approvals. FDA is seeking nominations by March 28th for consumer representatives to sit on a number of drug advisory committee panels.
It’s ok for an MD or DO to hold a consumer seat, to represent consumer interests! FDA and the public have plenty of reason to value applications from well-qualified, non-biased doctors to serve these committees – and NPA members who agree with the ethical principles governing our Unbranded Doctor campaign are a valuable public resource for these positions!

You can self-nominate or you may ask NPA (as a consumer organization) to consider nominating you – NPA may nominate one person per committee (Mary Carol Jennings, Lisa Plymate and/or Jean Silver-Isenstadt are coordinating the consideration process and nomination submission on behalf of NPA). Resume and experience seem to be the most important factors in selection.
The upcoming deadline for nominations (see list of required materials below) is March 25, 2013; materials should be sent to CV@OC.FDA.GOV
Here is the FDA listing of upcoming meetings, committee vacancies, and list of committees.
Click here for membership criteria.
Click here for the current list of vacancies.
Nomination materials to submit:
(1) a cover letter
(2) a curriculum vitae or resume that includes the nominee’s office address, telephone number, and email address
(3) a list of consumer or community-based organizations for which the candidate can demonstrate active participation
(4) advisory committee(s) or panel(s) for which nominee is recommended
(5) statement that nominee is aware of nomination
Committee Oversight and Management Staff, Food and Drug Administration, 301-796-8224.