Background checks for all but guns

An important reminder as interest remains to revive a bill to expand gun purchase background checks: Americans wanted expanded background checks to pass the Senate, and has been broadly favored by gun owners.
We expect others working in potentially life-and-death situations to have proper background checks.  Why would we not expect the same from those looking to purchase deadly weapons?
From NPA member Lenny Lesser:
Like many doctors, but not enough gun purchasers, I have some experience with background checks. When I first moved to California, I worked at UCLA. I had graduated from an accredited medical school in the United States, passed three sets of medical board examinations, and graduated from an accredited family medicine residency. Yet this was not enough to practice at UCLA. First, I had to get a background check that included fingerprinting.
I passed and received my license to practice medicine in the state of California. This was not enough. UCLA required me to get a second (slightly different) background check. When I passed this, I was qualified to practice medicine as a physician at UCLA.
This process took a few months. In the meantime I could have purchased many deadly firearms from an online website, or at a gun show.
The Senate failed to pass a comprehensive background check law. I guess the senators think physicians trying to practice in California are more dangerous than criminals who want to buy a gun.
(Dr. Lesser’s post was initially published on April 19, 2013)