The Wisdom of the Crowd: Finding the Most Promising Innovations to Teach Value

Written by By Vineet Arora, MD and cross-posted from Wing of Zock

Earlier this year, we launched the Teaching Value and Choosing Wisely Competition in conjunction with Costs of Care and the ABIM Foundation. Why a competition? Not surprisingly, traditional “literature review” yielded little by way of promising strategies for educators who wished to learn how to teach about value. However, we all had learned of isolated stories of success, occasionally through attending professional meetings, sometimes via networking with colleagues, or more often through word of mouth.

To help bring these stories of success to the fore, we relied on a crowdsourcing model by launching a competition to engage a larger community of individuals to tell us their stories. Of course, there were moments we wondered if we would get any submissions. Fortunately, we didn’t have anything to worry about! In June, we received 74 submissions from 14 specialties, with innovations and bright ideas that targeted medical students, residents, faculty, and interprofessional learners. Read more…