Few people know better than those on the front lines of medicine how critical antibiotics are to successfully treating patients, and how quickly the power of these precious drugs is disappearing. But while health professionals work to rein in the overuse of antibiotics in humans, antibiotic overuse in the production of food animals is rampant to promote growth and prevent illness in cramped, unsanitary living conditions. We can’t win the battle to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics until meat producers are on board, too.
As one of the largest and most progressive grocery retailers in the country, Trader Joe’s should take a stand for public health and end their sale of meat from animals routinely raised on antibiotics. Trader Joe’s leadership could have a big impact on meat industry practices.
As a medical professional, you can help by attesting to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. Will you join other medical professionals in signing on to this message to Trader Joe’s?