Is it All Bad?

In this month’s Atlantic, Meghan O’Rourke explores the roots of unhappiness experienced by both patients and doctors in our health care system: “Doctors Tell All–And It’s Bad”
In this sobering piece, O’Rourke writes, “In the course of our lives, most of us will urgently need care, sometimes when we least expect it. Currently, we must seek it in a system that excels at stripping our medical shepherds of their humanity, leaving them shells of the doctors (and people) they want to be, and us alone in the sterile rooms they manage. What makes our predicament so puzzling, and what may offer hope, is that nearly all of us want a different outcome. I used to think that change was necessary for the patient’s sake. Now I see that it’s necessary for the doctor’s sake, too.”
The piece focuses on problems and pain; it does not aim to explore the fulfilling aspects of medicine that keep so many physicians devoted to their careers.
Health care’s future will depend on the growing, determined movement we are all building together to address what ails us.   Please share your thoughts on this provocative piece in the comments thread below.