An antibiotics bill we can support!

A powerful new bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives is taking a serious, science-based approach toward combatting the important problem of antibiotic resistance. It is called the Helping Effective Antibiotics Last (HEAL) Act. The HEAL Act, sponsored by Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut:

  • Supports the responsible use of all antibiotics, new and old;
  • Prioritizes the development of new antibiotics which are shown in adequately controlled clinical trials to be effective in humans;
  • Emphasizes patient safety in the FDA approval process.

Unlike other proposals now before Congress, HEAL ensures that new treatments are not merely new, but are also effective and safe—the heart of what matters to patients and physicians alike. Unless we avoid misuse and overuse of antibiotics, we know that simply introducing new antibiotics can actually increase antibiotic resistance.
As you may be aware, NPA has opposed a related bill, the Antibiotic Development to Advance Patient Treatment Act (ADAPT) because it would speed up the FDA approval process of antibiotics by accepting animal studies and mathematical modeling in place of adequate clinical trials in humans. ADAPT also does not address the important areas of patient safety or careful use of antibiotics.
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