Who is Dangerous? Gun Laws, Mental Health, Suicides, & Restraining Orders

NPA’s Gun Violence & Public Health – 4th Wednesday Webinar Series

Who is Dangerous? Gun Laws, Mental Health, Suicides, & Restraining Orders

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March 25, 2015

Shannon Frattaroli, PhD, Associate Professor, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for Gun Policy and Research
Shannon Frattaroli’s research interests include understanding the role of policy in improving the health of populations, with particular attention to the effects of firearm injury prevention policies, the implementation of public health policies, and the role of advocacy and communities in the policy process. She is also interested in residential sprinklers as a strategy for preventing house fire death and injury. Much of her work involves the use of qualitative methods.
Josh Horwitz, JD, Executive Director, Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence
Joshua Horwitz has spent more than two decades working on gun violence prevention issues. He developed the long-term strategy to close illegal firearms markets as a way to focus the gun violence prevention movement on the huge gaps in our nation’s laws that allow criminals to easily obtain firearms. This strategy includes implementation of policies such as universal background checks. He has managed dozens of issue campaigns and testified before the U.S. Congress and a number of state and local legislative bodies. Following the Supreme Court’s controversial D.C. v. Heller decision in 2008, Josh helped the District of Columbia rewrite its laws to comply with the ruling and protect public safety. Those laws have withstood several legal challenges from the gun lobby. His advocacy was also instrumental in enacting a first-of-its-kind microstamping law in California in 2007. This revolutionary technology allows law enforcement to trace guns from expended cartridge casings left at crime scenes. He has also represented victims and municipalities in lawsuits against the gun industry, most notably in the case of Ileto v. Glock.

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