Charleston Shooting: A Concrete Request

Written by Sarah Kimball, MD, NPA Gun Violence Prevention Taskforce Co-Chair
We stand saddened and outraged by yesterday’s grotesque hate crime in Charleston, South Carolina. This man carried out a vicious firearm assault on individual people, but also on a national symbol for the advancement of civil rights.
This is the latest sign of powerful forces that systematically harm certain groups more than others. When public health officials are barred from collecting data, and when doctors are barred from talking to patients, we are turning our backs on the violence that affects some neighbors much more than others. This is racism, pure and simple.
Let us lift up our communities by standing with the families of the fallen. If you can, join a local vigil this evening in your area. For health, for justice, for healing, we as physicians must do more than mourn. In the days and weeks to come, continue to talk to your patients about preventing gun violence.

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We hold the victims’ families in our thoughts and in our advocacy. Thanks to all for helping keep violence prevention in the heart of clinical practice.

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