NPA Working Hard for Health Care

NPA members have been busy this Fall calling attention to pressing issues in health care including the FDA drug and medical device approval process; 21st Century Cures Act; gun violence; medical gag laws; opioid addiction; and much more. The press took notice!

In case you missed theses important stories, here are some highlights:


  • Why the media must play a bigger role in policing unsafe medical devices
  • Dr. Andrew Kolodny on Combating Drug Abuse
  • Doctors take to the streets to learn from patients
  • For National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Let’s Close the Boyfriend Loophole
  • How fast to “cures” and at what cost? Politico forum tilts toward pharma-friendly messaging
  • Would Washington’s FDA Fix Cure the Patients or the Drug Industry?
  • Politicians are invading our medical exam rooms
  • The Strange Laws That Dictate What Your Doctor Tells You
  • ’21st Century Cures’ Isn’t a Cure for Everything
  • FedUP Coalition Asks Senate: What About Opioids?


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