Remembrance of Dr. Quentin P. Young

Written by Rachel DeGolia, MD, member of NPA’s Board of Directors and the Executive Director of the Universal Health Care Action Network


Quentin Young, M.D.
1923 – 2016

Dr. Quentin Young passed away this week at the age of 92. Quentin was an inspiration and a mentor to three generations of health justice advocates and I count myself among them. In fact, I’ve known Quentin all my life.
Quentin was highly effective at connecting issues, movements, and people, from his early days of bringing together health justice and the civil rights movement and the anti-Vietnam War movement. Among many other organizational involvements, Quentin helped found the Medical Committee for Human Rights, Physicians for a National Health Program and served on UHCAN’s board for many years. We will miss him, but if Quentin were here to advise us I know, without a doubt, he would say, “Don’t mourn – organize!”
Every part of our health care justice movement as well as other justice movements, too, have stories about how Quentin Young impacted our lives and our work. Here are just a few of them…