Happy Anniversary ACA!

Written by Becky Martin, NPA Director of Project Management

Six years ago this month, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law. Over these years, I’ve seen how it has eased the struggles of hard-working families I know and love. Although the work is not done, I want to take a moment today to recognize and thank you — the NPA family — for being that clarion voice from the house of medicine calling out and standing up for your patients, communities, and the heart of your profession. Your leadership toward quality, affordable health care for all and a health system that serves people (patients & providers) over profit is inspiring!

This article outlines some of the benefits the ACA has brought to millions around the country:

  • Young adults can stay on their parent’s plans until age 26.
  • You can appeal your plan’s denial of payment decision.
  • Lifetime limits are banned.
  • Insurance companies must justify unreasonable rate hikes.
  • Many preventive care services are covered at no cost with qualified health plans and with Medicare.
  • The Medicare “donut hole” is closing and will be closed by 2020, saving seniors on prescription drug costs.
  • Health plans must spend at least 80 percent of your premiums on health care instead of administrative costs.
  • Insurance companies can’t deny coverage based upon pre-existing conditions.
  • Medicare payments to hospitals and physicians are now linked to quality instead of quantity of services provided.
  • States are incentivized to come up with innovative plans to improve the health of their citizens.

Please take a few minutes today to review and remember the benefits of the ACA!