Tom Price Update

Good news! Our efforts to fight the nomination of Tom Price as the next HHS Secretary are gaining traction!  More groups are joining our call to oppose Tom Price and he is now being listed as one the top Trump Cabinet nominees that could get derailed.
Recently it was reported that Representative Tom Price traded over $300k in stocks from over 40 pharmaceutical and biomedical device companies while sponsoring or co-sponsoring dozens of health-related legislation during the same time. Raising major concerns for potential conflicts of interest, Senators and watchdog groups are now calling for an independent Ethics probe to look into his stock trading.
And a new investigation just revealed that Tom Price also may have sought special treatment for the most generous industry donors to his Congressional campaign fund.
Clearly, this is not the kind of man we want as our next Health and Human Services Secretary.
However, we must keep the heat on, our statement in opposition to Tom Price has garnered national headlines and we have over 1100 signatures from providers across the country. But we need more and would love to break the 2000 mark before we present our signatures to the Senate later this week.
If you haven’t signed our statement, please do so today! Once you sign (or if you did already), forward it to ten of your colleagues now and post it on Facebook and Twitter.
We want to make sure Senators hear our voices loud and clear that our next HHS secretary should be one who fights for real health care coverage, respects a women right to choose and preserves Medicare for our nations elderly.