CODE BLUE Alert – House Vote Today!

The House of Representatives is set to vote today on the destructive Trump/Ryan healthcare plan and the vote is going to be extremely close. However, if we don’t voice our opposition loud and clear, this bill will pass.
It has never been more important to call your Representative.
Click here to find your Representative’s name and number. We’ll give you talking points and a guide for making advocacy calls.
For more information on the bill, here is a link to the NPA fact sheet on the original Republican health plan.
Also, in the last 24 hours this bill went from bad to worse. Caving to demands from an ultra-conservative wing of the Republican party, the bill now also cuts the provision that requires insurers to cover “essential health benefits”. Here are some key points on what that will mean:

  • Individual market plans won’t cover substance use treatment, mental health treatment, maternity care, or other key services
  • People with pre-existing conditions won’t be able to find plans that cover the services they need. Without essential health benefits standards, pre-existing conditions protections would exist in name only. That’s because repeal of essential health benefits would drive a race to the bottom, with insurers dropping coverage for everything from chemotherapy to high-cost drugs to discourage enrollment by sicker, more costly enrollees.
  • Plans will be able to impose annual and lifetime limits on coverage – including those get health coverage through their jobs. The ACA prohibited plans from imposing annual or lifetime limits on coverage – but only on coverage of essential health benefits. Plans can still impose annual or lifetime limits on services not classified as essential health benefits..
  • Women will again be charged more than men for coverage

Please stand up and fight for our patients. It has never been important.
If we stop this today, we have a real chance of stopping any efforts to repeal the ACA.

Two things YOU can do now:
1) Call your Representative now
2) Forward this email to 5 of your colleagues now or use our social media tell-a-friend tools and ask them to do the same