NPA Statement on Newest Senate Health Care Bill – Devastating Cuts to Medicaid and Impact on Patients – Too Little Help for Opioid Crisis

“By now stripping away many of the healthcare consumer protections passed under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), allowing insurers to discriminate based on pre-existing conditions and selling plans that are essentially junk coverage, Majority Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans took an already very harmful bill and made it even worse.
This bill still contains devastating cuts to Medicaid, significant tax breaks for wealthy individuals and corporations, and higher premiums that will fall mainly on those who are elderly or poor. Moreover, it does not even come close to addressing the ever-growing opioid crisis that is ravaging thousands of communities across America.
As providers who see patients every day, we understand what our patients go through firsthand and know that this legislation would devastate millions of people who rely on the access they gained through the Affordable Care Act including its expansion of Medicaid. We have a moral obligation to stand up for these patients and that is why we cannot support this bill.
We urge all Senators to vote NO on this legislation and get to the real work of improving upon the gains that were made under the ACA to achieve high quality, just and affordable healthcare for all.”


We encourage you share this statement with colleagues, and contact your own Senators to express your concernsFind your senators’ contact info. Find more info on this issue and resources for physician advocates.

Statement attributable to:  Manan Trivedi, MD, MPP, President, National Physicians Alliance

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Becky Martin, NPA Advocacy Director
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