Renewed Attempt to Repeal ACA: Call Your Senators to Today! Urge Rejection of Graham-Cassidy Repeal Bill

Senators Graham (SC) & Cassidy (LA) are advancing a new ACA repeal bill and pressing for a vote in the Senate that would be devastating for patients and communities.

This ill-conceived bill:

  • Converts the Medicaid program to block grants with per capita caps
  • Ends Medicaid Expansion
  • Punished people with Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Eliminates subsidies that help moderate income people afford coverage

Link to bill text, section by section summary, FAQs

More information from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

  • Cassidy-Graham Plan’s Damaging Cuts to Health Care Funding Would Grow Dramatically in 2027
  • Like Other ACA Repeal Bills, Cassidy-Graham Plan Would Add Millions to Uninsured, Destabilize Individual Market
  • Cassidy-Graham’s Waiver Authority Would Gut Protections for People with Pre-Existing Conditions

Find more info and NPA resources for physician advocates here

Call Your Senators at (202) 224-3121