Thank Jimmy Kimmel for Speaking Out!

The NPA has diagnosed Jimmy Kimmel with a rare case of “Profound Moral Courage” and we invite you to co-sign the chart!
With all seriousness, as doctors, we want to thank Jimmy Kimmel, for taking on Senator Cassidy and debunking the lies built into the Graham-Cassidy Republican health care bill.
On his show Jimmy said it’s a lie to think people with pre-existing conditions won’t be priced out of the market under this bill. However, Senator Cassidy and others said he does not understand the health care bill because he’s a just talk show host.
We disagree, our diagnosis for Senator Cassidy: Pants on Fire with 5 alarms! Graham-Cassidy is a serious threat to our patients, states and country.  Jimmy is right on track!

Please join us in thanking Jimmy for his courage and voice, click here to add your name to Jimmy’s Thank You Card, and then please forward this message on to 5 of your physician friends and colleagues.

After, continue the Calls to the Senate – Tell them the Graham-Cassidy bill flunks the “physician” test along with the Jimmy Kimmel test! This bill is not dead yet!

Here’s the phone number to their Senate offices in DC (202) 224-3121, and you can find local offices numbers here.

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