Lift Your Voice to End Gun Violence – Petition, Media Training & Resources

Like everyone else we are appalled at the latest mass shooting. Sadly we have seen this too many times before. We stood up against gun violence and the supporters of the status quo then and with your help we will continue to do so.
Most importantly, we know that gun violence is a public health issue and should be treated as such.
As healthcare providers, we carry a unique and critical voice to this debate.
When I served as a Battalion Surgeon with the Marines in Iraq, I saw first hand what military style assault weapons could do to the human body. These weapons of war are killing machines. I never thought I would see these same weapons being used in our streets, towns, and in our schools on our children. This has to stop.
Please join me and other allies in signing our petition calling for a ban on assault weapons. We will send this letter to all 50 Governors, leaders of Congress and the President.
Then, sign-up for our one-hour Gun Violence Prevention Media training webinar to be held on Sunday, March 4th at 3pm ET/12pm PT
One of the most effective things we can do as providers is to speak up in our communities and provide our perspective. The media training will have provider specific talking points and general tips on how to talk to media and get your message out to local and national outlets.
The training will be co-led by myself and NPA board member, Dr. Ranit Mishori, Professor of Family Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine and Health writer (former full-time journalist) as well as key allies in the Gun Violence Prevention movement.
If you work with patients we also have brochures with gun safety advice and a risk assessment screening tool you can order here.
Lastly, we want to support the brave young men and women who have been so inspiring in the wake of this tragedy.
You can find information about the March 14th National School Walkout Day as well as the March 24th youth-led March for Our Lives to be held in Washington, DC.
Manan Trivedi
P.S. Here is a list of some of key allied organizations that are leading the charge and are great resources for general information and how to get more active locally: