Let’s Not Forget the Injured in Shootings

Guest Editorial written by Ranit Mishori, M.D., M.H.S., for the American Academy of Family Physicians – AAFP News. Dr. Mishori is also a member of the NPA Board of Directors.
I am a physician who, every once in a while, works with gunshot victims, though not in the way you see on TV medical dramas. I’m not one of those doctors who gets called in the middle of the night to perform life-saving surgery. I don’t belong to one of those teams working the ER, the ones who rush, under extreme pressure and short deadlines, to stabilize shooting victims the moment they arrive by ambulance.
My work is different, less dramatic, continuing long after those lives were rescued, when the victims — really, survivors — have to deal with the damage done to their bodies and their psyches. As a family physician, I have seen and cared for survivors of gun violence, because of course these individuals continue to require primary care at my outpatient clinic. What they go through — often for weeks, months, years and even decades after they were first pierced by bullets — is the part of the story that often gets overlooked when we hear the phrase “casualties of gun violence.”  READ MORE …