NPA Support Students National School Walk Out – Join Call to Ban Assault Weapons & Speak Out

The National Physicians Alliance supports the students on Wednesday’s National School Walk Out . All of us who care about them must take action towards banning assault weapons from our communities and instituting common sense gun laws. Please join NPA and other allies in signing our petition calling for a ban on assault weapons. We will send this letter to all 50 Governors, leaders of Congress and the President.
Speak Out to Your Congress Members and State Legislators

  • Find Your Legislators – includes contact info for DC and district offices
  • NPA Guide for the Hesitant: Calling Your Elected Officials to Ban Assault Weapons & High-Capacity Magazines
  • Lobbying Tips for Physicians: Meeting with Your State & Federal Elected Officials

Write a Letter to the Editor or post for the NPA Blog

Find more resources about gun violence and public health at
If you have questions or need assistance please contact Becky Martin, NPA Advocacy Director, or c: 941/518-7051