Databases about physicians’ prescribing practices have been created, sold, and used without physicians’ knowledge or consent.

The National Physicians Alliance supports a legislative ban on the sale of physician prescribing data for commercial and marketing purposes.

Read our issue brief on the subject and post your comments on the NPA blog.

Industry opposition to a ban is strong.

Legislation to ban the sale of prescribing data was enacted into law in New Hampshire. Legislation is currently pending in AZ, IL, KS, ME, MD, MA, NV (Assembly, Senate), NY , RI, TX, VT, WA, and WV.

Statement in response to decision in IMS v. Ayotte, NH District Court, No. CV-06-280-PB (April 30, 2007)

Legal Analysis of NH Ruling (August 30, 2007)

Amicus Brief Filed on Sept 7, 2007

Read more about NPA’s work in Maine to pass similar legislation:

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Maine Public Radio with Murray Carpenter, March 27, 2007, “Bill Would Increase Privacy”

Articles from the peer-reviewed literature:

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