About us

The National Physicians Alliance (NPA) is an interdisciplinary medical organization founded in 2005. The NPA also offers research and education programs that support and promote the active commitment and further training of doctors and specialist staff at their respective places of work.

Believing that the best way to gain public trust is to earn it, the organization does not accept funds or financial resources from pharmaceutical or medical technology companies, because an independent healthcare system:

  • reflects the most important values ​​of our society and fills them with life: justice, equality and democracy, equal opportunities for all
  • is shaped by certain social conditions, such as the local and national health infrastructure, the respective legal provisions, economic performance, etc.
  • is a basic requirement for prosperity and democracy

Our principles:

  • We put the interests and needs of our readers and customers above everything, we categorically avoid conflicts of interest and financial entanglements: The health of our readers and customers is our top priority.
  • We endorse the World Health Organization (WHO) definition of health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of illness or ailment”.
  • We believe that health is determined by a variety of influences beyond physical integrity, e.g. family, social, psychological, environmental, economic, political, legal or cultural factors. Understanding and dealing with all these complex relationships is our main task as medical professionals.
  • We know that the subject of health is not limited by national borders. We are committed to international political cooperation that supports and promotes world health and disease prevention worldwide.
  • We are committed to a clean and healthy environment, a basic requirement for a healthy society.
  • We look for cooperative, creative and interdisciplinary solutions with colleagues from all areas of social life in order to protect and improve public health.
  • We believe that individual and community health benefits from equal access to medical care.
  • We support a health system that is based on empirical knowledge, evidence-based research and the transparent dissemination of information.

Medicine: Trust & Integrity

Time and again, scandals and cases of corruption shake people's credibility and trust in the health system, not just in Germany but worldwide. The influence of lobby groups and trade associations has noticeably influenced the relationship between doctors and patients. Unfortunately, health insurance companies and private health insurance providers have often participated in this development and benefited from it.

The National Physicians Alliance was founded to restore trust in the health system and to remind medicine of its core values: health and wellbeing for all based on democratically regulated norms and ethical principles.

The NPA not only represents doctors, but also works with a lot of different patient organizations and institutions, but strictly rejects financial involvement with the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry. Our declared and greatest aim is to regain people's trust in medicine.

For a better healthcare system

The NPA is committed to making the health system as safe, responsive and efficient as possible in cooperation with national and international experts. In the process, the costs for the contributors should remain moderate, of course. Not an easy task, but together we can create a better and more sustainable health system for the future.

Our supporters

We would like to thank the many patrons, friends, organizations and foundations who have supported our independent journalistic work with financial contributions. Every donation contributes to our noble goal: to be an objective, authentic and clear voice for optimal health care for all of us.

Our experts

Barbara Meier

Barbara Meier

Barbara Meier has been writing medical guidebooks and test reports for the NPAlliance for many years. At that, she attaches great importance to completeness and professional expertise in her articles. Also, she is one of the few experts in her field and has accordingly made a name for herself in the healthcare industry.

She has a master’s degree in nutritional science and it is her great passion to pass on her specialist knowledge to other people. In addition to her academic background, Barbara has long been dealt with the untapped potential of CBD for the prevention and treatment of physical and mental ailments. With her wide range of medical expertise, she wants to provide readers with useful information to enable everyone to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life in an uncomplicated way.

Dr. Manan Trivedi

Dr. Manan Trivedi

Dr. Manan Trivedi completed his studies in human medicine at University of Semmelweis. After various further education courses in geriatrics, gastroenterology and general internal medicine, he joined the NPA as an author and expert. Until then, Dr. Trivedi worked as a hospital doctor with main focus on internal medicine.

Dr. Trivedi has worked in various areas, from hospitals to outpatient practice services, and has participated in numerous projects to improve patient satisfaction and the quality of patient care. He has extensive experience and specialist knowledge in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases, especially of the musculoskeletal system, as well as extensive knowledge of palliative medicine. With his extensive specialist knowledge in the areas of human and internal medicine, Dr. Trivedi also ensures that many clinical pictures and complaints can be alleviated through the use of natural pain relievers and preparations (e.g. CBD).

Dr. Marc Kimmel

Marc Kimmel

Dr. Marc Kimmel is the author of medical articles and specialist books and also a reviewer for medical products and content. Marc has dedicated himself to medical research for the past few years and has more than a decade of experience in the fields of strength training, conditioning, nutrition and rehabilitation. He has completed a pediatric specialist training and also has a bachelor's degree in nutritional sciences.

During this time, Marc discovered his passion for medical research, especially new developments in the field of CBD drugs and preparations. After graduating, Marc decided to pursue this passion further and worked with around a dozen different CBD providers in an advisory function. He is now writing specialist articles and medical guidebooks for NPAlliance, which we are of course very happy about.