What is the Value of Physician Communication?

NPA Values Challenge: “We need to move away from the perception that social skills and better communication are a kind of optional extra for doctors. A good bedside manner is simply good medicine.” In “Doctor, Shut Up and Listen,” Dr. Nirmal Joshi explores the connection between physician communication failures and serious adverse health outcomes in hospitals. … Read more

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What is the Value of Preventive Testing?

NPA Values Challenge: “Among older adults whose nine-year mortality risk is 75 percent or greater, from one-third to as many as one-half are still receiving cancer-screening tests that are no longer recommended.” In “Too Young to Die, Too Old to Worry,” Jason Karlawish explores the appropriate role of preventative screening services for our oldest citizens. Karlawish reports, … Read more

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What is the Value of Doctors and Nurses Working Together?

NPA Values Challenge: “Medicine can be scary because we have such power to do harm […] but in a culture of teamwork, you feel like everyone has got your back.” In “When Doctors and Nurses Work Together,” Pauline Chen, MD explores the added value of care coordination between doctors and nurses in U.S. health care settings. Is … Read more

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What is the Value of Linking Health Care Expenditures and Life Expectancy?

NPA Values Challenge: “What is clearly not useful is a comparison of life expectancy and health care expenditures as if these 2 variables are always positively related to each other. Across developed countries or across US states, they are not.” In “Critiquing US Health Care,” Victor Fuchs explores what place – if any – the … Read more

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What is the Value of Population Health?

NPA Values Challenge: “We spend trillions of dollars on health care in this country — yet the allocation of those funds are grossly disproportionate to how other countries spend their health care expenditures. We aren’t focused on population health. Now, with Ebola threatening our population, the truth is out.” In “I’m a Hazmat-Trained Hospital Worker: Here’s … Read more

Dollars for Dudes?

NPA Values Challenge: More than 90 percent of the 300 doctors who collected the most money for speaking and consulting with drug and medical device companies last year are men. In “Dollars for Dudes: Almost No Women Among Medical Industry’s Top-Paid Speakers, Consultants,” ProPublica reporter Charles Ornstein tackles the conflicts of interest and income disparity … Read more

What is the Value of Teaching Stewardship?

NPA Values Challenge: The CBO’s $95 Billion reduced projection in Medicare spending means that “the federal government’s long-term budget deficit is considerably less severe than commonly thought just a few years ago.” In their NYT piece, “Medicare: not such a budget-buster any more,” Margot Sanger-Katz and Kevin Quealy take on an issue addressed in NPA’s … Read more

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What is the Value of Clinical Time?

In his provocative NYT piece, “Busy Doctors, Wasteful Spending,” Dr. Sandeep Jauhar tackles an issue addressed in NPA’s July 2014 policy brief, Value and Values in Health Care. NPA leaders have endorsed the principle that clinicians needs more time to understand patients better and to create and maintain healing relationships. Does Jauhar nail it or not? Read … Read more