Rx: Vote Campaign Toolkit

Rx: Vote Campaign Toolkit

Your Vote, Your Health!


Step 1: Learn how to register patients in your clinic

  • How to Conduct an Rx: Voter Registration Drive

  • Use the Rx: Vote Campaign’s Online Voter Registration Form!

  • Find Local Contacts

  • Download our Rx: Vote Flyer for Your Waiting Room

  • Download our One-Page Flyer–Instructions: How to Register Patients to Vote

  • Download and Distribute our One-Page Overview of the Campaign

  • Sample spreadsheet to track numbers registered

  • Download Promotional Posters:

    • White Pill with “Vote” Imprinted Poster (b&w, 8.5 x 11)
    • White Pill with “Vote” Imprinted Flier (b&w, 4x)
    • “Vote” Spelled Out with Pills Poster (b&w, 8.5×11)
    • “Vote” Spelled Out with Pills Flier (b&w, 4x)
    • AMSA “I Voted” Flier (color, 6x)
    • AMSA “I Voted” Flier (color, 10x)
  • Resources for Absentee Voters

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Voter Registration Deadlines

Step 2: Recruit others to join your Rx: Vote Campaign effort

  • Use Facebook to Connect with Other Rx: Voters!

  • Overcoming Excuses

  • Rx Vote Campaign Sample Clinic Invitation


Step 3: Resources for patients and organizers


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