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Mobilizing the Physician Voice

Now is the time to repair our broken health care system.  As part of the reform solution, the National Physicians Alliance strongly supports the creation of a public health insurance option, which is part of President Obama’s Health Plan and which represents a middle road, bringing together single payer advocates and market advocates.


  1. The choice of a public health insurance plan is essential to controlling costs.
  2. This choice is incredibly popular – 73% overall; 77% Democrats; 79% independents; 63% Republicans, and is a political asset.
  3. Voters do not believe that a public health insurance option will have unfair advantages over private insurance, despite industry rhetoric.
  4. The public health insurance option provides:
  • A guarantee of coverage that’s always there
  • A strong record of controlling cost
  • Gives the government an effective way to implement measures to improve value

Click here to learn more about the need for a public health insurance option 

The National Physicians Alliance has joined the Health Care for America Now! Coalition

  • Read HCAN’s Statement of Common Purpose
  • Review List of HCAN Coalition Members


The National Physicians Alliance believes that health care should be guaranteed, of high quality, affordable and accessible for all.  The Secure Health Care For All campaign will inform our elected leaders that health care reform must stay at the top of the national agenda.  Reform should be based on the following principles enunciated by the Institute of Medicine (IOM 2004,

  1. Health care coverage should be universal.
  2. Health care coverage should be continuous.
  3. Health care coverage should be affordable to individuals and families.
  4. The health care coverage strategy should be affordable and sustainable for society.
  5. Health care coverage should enhance health and well-being by promoting access to high-quality, effective, safe, timely, patient-centered, equitable care.


Mobilizing the Physician Voice


Take Action

  • Physician voices are powerful!  Make sure that President-Elect Obama hears your voice by signing our petition

  • Forward the NPA petition to a colleague

  • Comment on our blog


Mobilizing the Physician Voice


Get Involved–First stop: the NPA Toolkit for Physician Engagement

  • Rx: Vote – Did you know that approximately 90% of people who vote have health insurance?  Learn about the NPA voter registration project to ensure that everyone who has the right to vote has the chance to be heard.

  • Share your story about the uninsured or underinsured individuals that you care for and how this affects your practice.

  • Write a letter to the Editor of your local paper.  Find downloadable talking points from our friends at the Herndon Alliance.

  • Join us on Facebook


Mobilizing the Physician Voice


Learn More— First stop: NPA’s Health Reform 101

  • Review the NPA’s Report Card of the Presidential Candidates’ Health Care Plans

  • Review the NPA’s Brief on Guaranteed, Quality, Affordable Health Care for All

  • Review the NPA Position on High-Deductible, High Co-Pay Health Insurance

  • Visit for Issue Briefs and Tutorials on the U.S. health care system and options for reform.


Mobilizing the Physician Voice


Valuable Links

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        Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP)

        Stand Up For Health Care (a project of Families USA)

        Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN)


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