Good Stewardship Related Articles in Journal and Medical Publications

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National Coalition on Health Care (10/5/2011)

“Top 5 Lists Top $5 Billion”, Archives of Internal Medicine (10/5/2011)

“Putting the Charter into Practice Grantee: National Physicians Alliance,”
The Medical Professionalism Blog, by NPA member Stephen Smith (12/2/2011)

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heartwire (10/3/2011)

“‘Top 5′ Lists Top $5 Billion,”
Archives of Internal Medicine (10/1/2011)

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The Medical Professionalism Blog, by NPA member Stephen Smith (9/20/2011)

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MyPhysicalTherapySpace.Com Blog (7/23/2011)

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The Clinical Advisor (7/15/2011)

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MedHok (7/6/2011)

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AAFP (6/20/2011)

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Center for Medical Consumers (6/10/2011)

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One Medical Group Blog (6/10/2011)

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AMA’s American Medical News (6/3/2011)

“How primary care physicians can improve health and lower costs,” (6/2/2011)

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Health Sprocket (5/26/2011)

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British Medical Journal (5/26/2011)

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California Healthline (5/25/2011)

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BestHealth from BMJ Group (5/25/2011)

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MedScape (5/23/2011)

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HelpingYouCare (5/23/2011)

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news@JAMA (5/23/2011)

“The ‘Top 5′ Lists in Primary Care: Meeting the Responsibility of Professionalism,”
Archives of Internal Medicine (5/23/2011)